Rick English - Stunt Performer



Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 13 st 10
Chest: 43 in
Waist: 33 in
Hips: 38 1/2 in
Inside Leg: 34 in
Inside Arm: 24 in
Shoe Size: 9 1/2
Collar: 17 in
Hat: 7 1/4 in
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel


Stunt Credits

King Arthur Harry Potter 3 Three Blind Mice
The Second Coming The Bill Beowulf
Batman Begins
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Rosemary and Thyme
When I`m 64
The Bill
Love, Honour and Obey (Actor)


All Fights - Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Traditional, Stick Fighting, Boxing
Fencing and all Sword Work
Gymnastics - including Trampoline and Trampette
Fire Work, Falls
Motorcycles - Road Racing, High Speed Work, Wheelies, Donuts, Crashes, Laydowns, Motocross, Quads
Cars - Precision Driving, Handbrake Turns, J - Turns
Climbing and Abseiling
Snow - Skiing and Boarding


Acting Experience

Small Roles in Film and Television including Speaking Parts.


Special Skills

Motorcycle Racing (ACU Licence Holder)
Freestyle Kickboxing (1st Dan, Club Instructor, Successful Competitor)
Fencing (Grade 6 all weapons, Competitive Epeeist and Sabreur) Cars - Precision driving, skids, j-turns, handbrake turns, donuts, 180`s
100 % Dedicated and Enthusiastic Performer


Personal Equipment

 Full Set of Body Pads, Motorcycle Race Gear, Fencing Equipment, Climbing Harness, Weapons,
 Motorcycles (Road, Race, Motocross and Stunt)
Firesuits, Trampette, Crash mat.


Contact Details

 Mobile:(+44) 0 7931 333776

E-mail: rick@impactstunts.co.uk



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