Pascoe Ward- Stunt Performer



Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 13 st 5lbs
Chest: 44 in
Waist: 34 in
Inside Leg: 34 in
Inside Arm: 29in
Shoe Size: 10
Collar: 16 in
Hat: 7 1/2 in
Hair Colour:

Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Blue


Stunt Credits

Emma Brody (20th Century Fox)
Nike Commercial
Reds and Blues (BBC drama)
The Defender



High falls
Jerk backs
Wire work
Bungee Trapeze
stair Falls
Water Work
Horse Work
Extreme Skier
Sub Aqua Diving


Acting Experience

Season in Circus
Extra work TV
comfortable with dialogue


Special Skills

 Martial Arts 
Precision Driving J turns Under and Oversteer Skids
Horse riding Bareback and Vaulting
High Diving
Aerial Work Rope Bungees and Trapeze
Trampette and Trampoline work
Skiing High Falls and High Speed Falls on/off piste
Weapon Trained Hand Guns and Automatic RYA//ICC power boat licence


Personal Equipment

 Full body pads
martial arts weapons
ropes strops
riding equipment
skiing equipment
wet suits/ drysuit
climbing harness and descenders


Contact Details

 Mob: 07788 663185
Tel/Fax: 0207 4987081

Email: Web:

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