Joss Gower - Stunt Co-ordinator/

Stunt Performer



Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft 1 1/2 in
Weight: 12 st 5lbs
Chest: 40 in
Waist: 34 in
Hips: 38 in
Inside Leg: 34 in
Inside Arm: 22 1/2 in
Shoe Size: 11
Collar: 16 in
Hat: 7 1/4 in
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue


Stunt Credits

Feature Films:
Harry Potter (Stunt Double Richard Bremmer)
Star Wars "Attack of the Clones " (UK Stunt Double Hayden Christensen) Star Wars Ep1 (Stunt Double for Liam Neeson)
Bridget Jones's Diary (Stunt Double Colin Firth)
Edge Of Reason (Stunt Double Colin Firth)
Lost In Space (Stunt Double William Hurt)
The 51st State (Stunt Driver)
Reign of Fire (Stunt Double Christian Bale)
Sons Of The Wind (Stunt Performer & Assistant Stunt Coordinator)
The Essex Boys (Stunt Driver)
Gladiator (Stunt Performer)
The Mummy (Stunt Double)
The Mummy II (Stunt Performer)
The Avengers (Stunt Double Roger Lloyd-Pack)
The Fifth Element (Stunt Performer)
The Borrowers (Stunt Performer)
Virtual Sexuality (Stunt Double)
101 Dalmatians (Stunt Doubled Hugh Laurie)
Panic (Stunt Double)
Croupier (Stunt Double)
Goldeneye (Stunt Performer)
Gangster No.1 (Stunt Performer/Double)
Nostradamus (Stunt Performer)
Notting Hill (Stunt Driver)
Agent Cody Banks 2 (Stunt Performer)
Doctor Sleep (Stunt Double)
Sorted (Stunt Performer)
The Good Thief (Stunt Double)
Large (Stunt Double)
Circus (Stunt Double)
Shergar: The Hunted (Stunt Double)
The Parole Officer (Stunt Double)
The Hole (Stunt Double)
Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” (Stunt Performer)
The Wind in the Willows (Stunt Double Eric Idle)
Plunkett & Macleane (Stunt Performer)
Tomorrow Never Dies (Stunt Performer)
Bring Me The Head of Mavis Davies (Stunt Double),
Midnight Flight (Stunt Driver)
The Face (Stunt Double for Steven Waddington)
Regeneration (Assistant Stunt Co-ordinator/ Stunt Double)
Twin Town (Stunt Double)
I Am My Father (Stunt Safety)
Red Mercury (Stunt Coordinator)
Gypsy Woman (Stunt Double Jack Davenport)
First Knight (Stunt Double for Ralph Ineson)
The Run of the Country (Stunt Double)
Haunted (Stunts Double for Aiden Quinn),
Jane Eyre (Stunt Double for William Hurt)
Eureka Street (Stunt Performer)
Complicity (Stunt Double)


Band Of Brothers (Stunt Performer)
Ultimate Force (Stunt Performer)
Poirot (Stunt Double)
Rail Track Safety (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
Prime Suspect 4 (Stunt Double)
Travels With Pevsner (Stunt Performer)
Bugs (Series 1,2 ,3 and 4) (Stunt Double)
Out of the Blue (Stunt Double)
Dangerous Lady (Stunt Double)
A Mind To Kill (Stunt Double)
The Catherine Tate Show (Stunt Double)
Black Adder "Back & Forth" (Stunt Double Rowen Atkinson)
Nelsons Column (Stunt Double JohnGordon-Sinclair)
The Bomb Maker (Stunt Performer)
Chandler & Co (Stunt Double)
The Darkening (Stunt Performer CD ROM Game-Electronic Arts)
Hale & Pace (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
No Bananas (Stunt performer/Coordinator)
Dalzell & Pascoe (Stunt Double)
James Bond EON - Spy Files - (Stunt Performer)
Civil War (Stunt Performer)
Silent Witness (Stunt Double)
Screen Two "The Criminal" (Stunt Performer)
Between The Lines (Stunt Double)
Crocodile Shoes series 1 (Stunt Double)
Prime Suspect 4 (Stunt Double)
That Peter Kay Thing (Stunt Performer)
David Copperfield (Stunt Performer)
Blue Murder (Stunt Double)
Coronation Street (Stunt Driver)
Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married (Stunt Performer)
Casualty series 13, 18 (Stunt Double)
City Central (Stunt Performer)
Rosemary & Thyme (Stunt Double)
Ray's Daze (Stunt Performer)
Natural Born Losers (Stunt Performer)
I Saw You (Stunt Performer)
Border Cafe (Stunt Performer)
A Great Deliverance (Stunt Performer)
Prime Suspect 6 (Stunt Double)
Peak Practice XI (Stunt Driver/Double Simon Shepherd)
The Whistle Blower (Stunt Driver)
Adrenalin Rush - GRB Productions (Stunt Performer)

Family Affairs (Stunt Double)
Ransom (Stunt Perfomer)
Trials & Retribution (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
Starting Out (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
X-Perimental (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
Follow Your Nose (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
Daylight Robbery 2
Dead (Stunt Driver/Double)
Outside The Rules (Stunt Performer)
Paradise Heights Series 1 (Stunt Double Neil Morrissey)
Paradise Heights Series 1, Ep 6 (Stunt Driver)
Red Cap (Stunt Performer)
Mersey Beat II (Stunt Performer/Driver)
Sports Relief (Stunt Performer)
Spooks Series 1 (Stunt Double)
Chandler & Co (Stunt Performer)
Playing The Field (Stunt Performer)
Serious and Organised (Stunt Double Martin Kemp)
Midsomer Murders Series 6 & 7(Stunt Double)
Midsomer Murder 2 (Stunt Actor)
State Of Play (Stunt Performer)
Teachers 3 (Stunt Driver)
Trial & Retribution VII (Stunt Driver/Coordinator)
Winter Solstice (Stunt Double)
Are You Looking At Me? (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
Zero To Hero (Stunt Coordinator - 7 Episodes)
Jonathan Creek - Series 4 (Stunt Double)
The Broker's Man (Stunt Performer)
Tom Jones (Stunt Double)
999 (Stunt Safety)
At Home With The Braithwaites (Stunt Performer)
In The Land Of Plenty (Stunt Performer)
Crocodile Shoes series II (Stunt Coordinator/Double Jimmy Nail)
Tom jones (Stunt Double Roger Lloyd Pack)
Running Late (Stunt Double)
Would I lie To You? (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
Ferch Dtss Nesa (Stunt Coordinator/performer)
The Knock II (Feature/ Stunt performer)
Crime Traveler (Stunt Double)
Hostile Waters (Stunt Performer HBO)
The Vanishing Man (Stunt Double for Neil Morrisey)
Holly Oaks (Stunt Double)
Deacon Brodie (Stunt Performer)
Ivanhoe (Stunt Double for Steven Wadington),
Strange Territory (Stunt Double)
Mosley (Stunt Performer)
Dangerfield (Stunt Performer)
Drovers Gold (Stunt Double)
Rebecca (Stunt Double for Charles Dance)
The Treasure Seekers (Stunt Double)
A Dance to The Music of Time (Stunt Performer)
Back Up II (Stunt Performer)
Melissa (Stunt Performer)
Covington Cross (Stunt Double)
London's Burning Series 8,9,10,11 (Stunt Double)
Scarlet & Black (Stunt Performer)
Over Here (Stunt Double)
The Bill (Stunt Double)


Sony Playstation "Tekkan" (Stunt Coordinator/Double)
Nestles' Lion Bar (Stunt Coordinator/Actor)
Sony Playstation "The Fifth Element" (Stunt Performer)
G Shock Watches (Stunt Coordinator/Actor)
Jigsaw Menswear Fashion Shoot (Stunt Model)
British Telecom "Bean Bags" (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
The One BBC1 Ident "Rush Hour-Spiderman" (Assistant Stunt Coordinator)
Fiat Car Commercial (Stunt Driver Double Michael Schumacher)
Goldman Sachs (Stunt Coordinator/Performer)
DareDevil DVD Promotion (Stunt Performer)


2 Years and over 1800 stunt performances of
high falls, roof falls, fights,horse drags and wild west horse shows
at the American Adventure UK.

Horse of The Year Show 1992


Health & Safety Stunt Risk Assesments.
BBC and ITV Approved Contracter.
Member of the World Stunt Academy.
Competent Professional and Safe.

Experienced Stunt Action Double/Performer/Co-ordinator.
Stunt Rigging
 Hydraulic Air Rams (Backwards Forwards and somersaults)
 Hydraulic Jerk Rams
 High Falls (all heights)
 Stair falls
 Horse Stunts, Saddle Falls and Stirrup Drags.
 Accurate Stunt Driver, Handbrake Turns, Reverse spins,
 Crashes and Knockdowns.
 Fire Stunts, Full Burns (With or without breathing equipment)
 Fight Sequences and Broad Sword work.
 Water, Tip Tanks, Strong Swimmer,
  Sub Aqua (BSAC Dive Leader).
 Rope and WireWork, Descenders, Abseiling.
 IRATA (HSE) Rope Access.
 Stunt Safety and all general Stunt Action.


Acting Experience

Films, Television, Commercials.
Trained at Anner Scher Theatre School.


Special Skills

Qualified to Co-ordinate stunts, H.S.E Risk Assesments.
  All  Stunt Co-ordinating. 
Stunt Performer.
Dual Nationality English/Australian.


Personal Equipment

 Access to all Stunt/Safety equipment.
Stunt action doubled for Liam Neeson,
 Hayden Christensen, Colin Firth, William Hurt, Eric Idle, 
Hugh Laurie,  John Gordon-Sinclair, Aidan Quinn,
 Charles Dance, Roger Lloyd-Pack and many principle actors.
 Full credit list available.

Film, Television, Pop Video's & Computer games.


Contact Details

UK Contact:
 Mobile:+44 (0) 7850 943136

Australia Contact:
+0061 (0)2 60405431

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